WAVEY BOARD iSUP Board with Strong PVC Layer Review [Feb 2023]

WAVEY Board is a mid-range level SUP board, and this is mainly due to its price and not the features or design quality. The board has upper-middle-class qualities, and this includes the two PVC layers and the anti-slip EVA pad. These features help to improve stability on the surface of the board.

Also, the outer sheath of this board has an impressive quality. It offers a backpack that is suitable for storage and easy carrying.

WAVEY BOARD Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Board Surfboard ISUP Strong Layer PVC With Adjustable Paddle Aqua 10' X 30

The board has standard dimensions, with a length of 10 feet. Another cool thing is that the board can handle two people with ease. This is a perfect board to take on a holiday or an excursion to a river, lake, or ocean.

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Features of the Board


The paddle board has an ideal width that helps to improve balance and stability while you use it. When on water, the excellent balance will give you more freedom and allow you to enjoy nature as you explore.

The board is 3 m long, 15 cm thick, and 76 cm wide. Also, it has a carrying limit of about 114kg; hence it can accommodate most weight. When inflated to 15 PSI, it feels like a hardboard. However, at this pressure, it only weighs 7.5 g which is light enough.

WAVEY BOARD Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Board Surfboard ISUP Strong Layer PVC With Adjustable Paddle Aqua 10' X 30

Material and Design

The design of this board offers rigidity that also improves its stability. As mentioned earlier, it is suitable for all difficulty levels and water conditions. However, being an all-round SUP board, it works better when used on flat surfaces.

The EVA material used on the deck enhances friction, and as such, you won’t slide off easily. This SUP board is safe and robust. It is also ideal for long use, thanks to its sturdy design. The board is made of military-grade PVC material, which means that you won’t have to worry about damage or abrasion.

It also features an adjustable aluminum paddle of high quality, and it can be broken into three. The aim is to let it fit in your pocket with ease.


The SUP board can be easily inflated and deflated as you wish. When deflated, it can be rolled up easily to make it compact so that it can fit in the backpack. This board is easy to store and transport. As mentioned earlier, the product is durable, and this is mainly because of the aluminum, PVE, and EVA materials it has.

Another cool thing about the board is that you can also transport it with ease, even when inflated. This is because it has a handle that is located at the center of the board. The handle is convenient, and you’ll enjoy using it.

Fully Equipped

You don’t have to start looking for accessories when you buy this SUP board. The package comes with all you need to get started. This includes the detachable travel fin, adjustable paddle, backpack, and so many other accessories.

You can use the high-pressure pump to inflate the board within 5 minutes. Also, the backpack has a wide strap and the uniquely designed to make you feel comfortable. Get this iSUP board and forget about buying any other accessories.


Boost your confidence when you buy a paddle board by buying one with a warranty. That’s what you’d get when you buy the WAVEY Board iSUP board. The manufacturer is known for only offering the best quality inflatable boards available.

As mentioned earlier, these boards are made from the best quality materials, and you have nothing to worry about. The manufactures are confident of their product and are ready to stand behind them anytime, any day. That is why they offer a 2-year warranty for this iSUP board.

WAVEY BOARD Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Board Surfboard ISUP Strong Layer PVC With Adjustable Paddle Aqua 10' X 30


  • Affordable price: For all the features it offers and how reliable the board is, you would normally expect the board to be expensive, but that’s not the case with this iSUP board. When compared to other expensive boards out there, you’d realize how cheap it is.
  • This is one of the most durable boards available in the market. It has double layer PVC, which further increases its strength
  • The EVA pad helps to increase friction and also to ensure that you don’t slide off when on water.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty to boost your confidence
  • The board is suitable for two people to use at once.


  • The air pump is not the best available.


WAVEY BOARD iSUP board is easy to deflate and store. You can also use the manual pump to inflate it within 5 minutes. The board has a sturdy design and EVA pad to ensure that you don’t slide off. This board is perfect for fishing, yoga, surging, and other water activities.

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