Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Board Review [Feb 2023]

Having an iSUP board is a nice way to experience water nature without dealing with transporting large boards in your vehicle. Inflatable boards are spectacular mainly because of the ease and convenience that they provide. If you are thinking of buying an inflatable SUP board, you might want to consider the Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP board.

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One thing you must note about the Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Board is that its production has been discontinued. Therefore, you can only get it from third-party sellers. The board is amazing, and you’ll know why as you read on.


The Vilano Journey iSUP board is a nice all-round paddle board that offers an unmatched speed. This is one of the few paddle boards that are perfect for lighter adults and even children. The product is a lot similar to the Vilano Navigator, and they both have a robust design.

When this paddle board is inflated, it feels so hard, like the conventional epoxy paddleboards. The width and thickness of this board make it perfect for yoga and so many other paddling activities.

The board has an anti-slip surface that will help you feel secure when you step on it. With this type of surface, you can be sure that you wouldn’t fall off easily. Like other boards, it also has a bungee cord system where you can keep your items within reach.

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This board has a single fin, which is also nice and offers increased stability and better tracking. You’ll enjoy this paddle board more if you are a beginner.

Are you interested in the paddle board? Here’s a breakdown of its specification:

  • Length: You can either get the 10 feet or the 10 feet 6inch board. The length is suitable and also enhances its maneuverability.
  • Width: The board is also available in two widths, 31 inches and 32 inches, which is wide enough for better stability.
  • Thickness: The board is 4 inches thick. For some paddlers, 6 inches is better for stability and balance.
  • Weight: The board weighs only 24 pounds and can be easily carried about.
  • Carrying Capacity: The board is strong enough to support weight up to 200 pounds.

Setting it Up

The package of this board comes with a pump that has an integrated pressure gauge to help you know when the air is enough. It also comes with the board itself and aluminum paddles. The cool thing is that you can break the paddle into three pieces and pack or transport it with ease. It also comes with removable fins, which are suitable for increased tracking, and enhanced speed. What’s more, is that there is a bag that can contain all these items.

The best-selling point of this board is the warranty it comes with. It has two years manufacturer’s warranty, and this is to make you satisfied with the board. You can rest assured that the board will stand the test of time, and you’ll use it for a longer period.

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The Vilano Journey SUP board comes with will with all the accessories you’ll need to get going. This will save you time and money since you won’t have to start buying these accessories. The length and width of the board add to the stability it offers to paddlers. It makes it a nice choice for people who are new to paddling.

The paddle board is easy to store, and you can rest assured that it won’t take up much space. Also, the board is easy to transport, whether inflated or deflated.

It is very easy to maintain these paddle boards. The only thing you need to do is to rinse it with fresh water and avoid leaving it under the sun. Also, ensure that the board is dry before you store it to avoid the growth of mold or other organisms.


The Vilano Journey paddle board is only suitable for smaller people, and this is because of the lower weight limit. Children will enjoy using the board better than adults.

Another drawback is the aluminum paddles. You need to be extra careful when using it so that it doesn’t fall off. This is because it can’t float on water, and you wouldn’t want to lose your paddle when on water.


Whether you are new to paddling or a well-experienced paddler, you need a suitable paddle board. For portability and convenience, inflatable paddle boards are better options, and if you want to get one, you might want to consider the Vilano Journey iSUP Boards.

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