Wakooda Gt126 10’6″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

Wakooda Gt126 inflatable SUP Board ReviewInflatable stand up paddle boards are offering everything that standard,rigid sup boards can deliver in addition to their extreme portability; therefore, you can only hurry and get hold of one of those perfect all-inclusive packages where you get an inflatable SUP board and everything you need to handle it.

This friendly water sport is only growing more popular by every day passing, thus, you really don’t want to miss all the summer fun because you’re still confused what inflatable SUP board to get.

The GT126 is an inflatable paddle board by Wakooda which is 10.6 feet tall, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick. It is a sturdy board designed for long distance touring in the sea, river riding, or lakes; it’s so easy to ride  thanks to its 5 degree raised and pointed bow which makes controlling it very  swift and friendly.

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It is a perfect choice for maneuvers and quick turns; therefor, you’ll notice that almost 2 thirds of the GT126’s back is covered with a very soft pad which works as an anti-slip traction that will boost your equilibrium greatly while you paddle, change directions, or take over waves; it is also so comfortable for your feet with a central carry handle to facilitate carrying the SUP around when inflated.

Wakooda GT126 Grand Touring 10'6Additionally, this board is featured with 8 stainless steel D-rings that I appreciate so much; 7 of which are located on the head of the board as 4 of them are connected with a bungee cord, while the last one is fixed on the tail as to attach a safety leash to it which you will find included in the package. Those D-rings and the bungee cord are perfect for days where you need to carry extra cargo with you on board, or when you want to use a kayak seat to rest your feet and back.

Further, the GT126 comes with a 2-piece adjustable BRAVO SUP paddle which adds to its portability as it meets your need for a convenient paddle size.

Now before you get to the point where you’ll need the paddle; you’ve got to inflate the board and for that you’ll find included the BRAVO HD inflation/deflation pump which does a great job inflating the GT126 up to 20 PSI as it’ll make deflating it quick and easier than ever.

Wakooda Gt126 Grand Touring inflatable Stand up Paddle Board - finsMoreover, this board is featured with 3 fins; one of which is a large central removable fin for easy packing while the other 2 are smaller and fixed; they’re great when it comes to knifing the water smoothly, and as an advice, make sure to always put the tail of the board into the water first and push it away from the land before you get on top of it so you don’t damage the fins.

Speaking of damage; the GT126 is made of commercial grade 1000 denier drop stitch which makes it stiff and hard when fully inflated, and with only little care and friendly use you will have your board remaining for longer that you could think. However, if anything ever happened like an accident or so, you’ll make use of the included repair kit.

Finally, this package includes a backpack which will safe you so much trouble concerning packing and portability because no matter how big is a SUP it can always be rolled up and put in that bag which is the best thing about inflatable paddle boards.



  • The GT126 is a 10.6 feet tall SUP which is great for touring the sea or riding rivers.
  • Its pointy nose makes speed and maneuvering of its best qualities.
  • It’s featured with 8 D-ring which you can do a lot with.
  • You can attach a kayak seat to this iSUP board.
  • It comes with everything you need to handle it: a paddle, a leash, a repair kit, and backpack.


  • Everything about the GT126 is great I couldn’t find something to point out.

Wakooda Gt126 10’6″ Grand Touring Inflatable SUP Board – Images

Wakooda GT126 Grand Touring Inflatable SUP Board

Darren Stokes

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