Ten Toes theNANO Inflatable SUP Board Review

Ten Toes theNANO Inflatable SUP Board Review 1Inflatable paddle boards are by definition the future of the standup paddle-boarding industry. It is undeniable that iSUPs (Which stands for: inflatable stand up paddle boards) are slowly taking over the market inch by inch and for all the good reasons.

They are far more practical than standard rigid stand up boards and that’s the least you can say. The fact that they are inflatable means they can be easily deflated, rolled up, bagged and transported to the nearest body of water on your shoulders. Moreover, once in a bag these boards can basically fit anywhere and save you a lot of trouble.

A common misconception is that inflatable boards are more fragile compared to hard boards but the truth is completely different.

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In fact, that depends greatly on the quality of the board. Some of the best quality inflatable stand up paddle boards out there are proven to be even more durable and flexible than hard boards. However, the focus here is on “quality” which can be quite tricky if you’re not cautious enough.

It’s important to list a set of criteria on which you must base your purchase. First things first, you must look at the reputation of a manufacturer because it pretty much says everything about your designated board, then you must scan the board in detail and last but not least is to determine whether this board is the right board for you.

Ten Toes theNANO Inflatable SUP Board ReviewThat being said, let’s take a closer look at the Ten Toes small adult size which initially hits you as a familiar name.

It’s no surprise that a big name like Ten Toes saw an opportunity in inflatable paddle boards and decided to attribute a whole line to this industry.

Ten Toes theNANO inflatable SUPThis young/adult Ten Toes is exemplary when compared to similar brands in terms of quality and that is because the company has a reputation to cater for. Accordingly, the board is strictly made of very durable military grade PVC which is then reinforced by an industrial drop stitch which makes this board almost indestructible.

The Ten Toes theNANO is 8’ long by 30” wide which means that it is designed with a beginning young user in mind and because of that it is shaped to perform best in active currents and waves but it’s also very suitable for calm water by definition.

Moreover, this board is 4 inches thick (which could’ve been better) and that guarantees more stability and weight endurance. Speaking of which, the weight limit on the Ten Toes theNANO is 120 lbs which can be exceeded by a dozen lbs without affecting performance.

Just by scrutinizing the board with the naked eye, you can tell that this is a quality iSUP because even the minor details are flawless and that is always a positive indicator.

Ten Toes theNANO Inflatable SUP Board Review 2Also, the basic features of the Ten Toes theNANO are another reason to seriously consider adding this board to your purchase list. The first thing you spot is the body design and colors which are equally attractive and unisex to cater for various preferences.

Second thing you notice are the 3 stainless steel D-rings on the nose of the deck that are connected by a bungee cord and which serve as a practical cargo holder; Then, the bigger D-ring at the very back of the board which is meant to help you toe or secure your board when needed.

Another important feature is that this board uniquely comes with 3 removable nylon fins: two smaller ones on each side and a central bigger fin which will make control a lot smoother on calm water (Note: Fins are practically useless in strong currents and waves).

Another great influencer is the package in which any board comes. Luckily, the Ten Toes theNANO comes in a very comprehensive package that will make maintaining this board a lot easier.

First item in the package is the 3PC adjustable aluminium paddle which is uniquely designed for this board unlike other boards which usually include a generic low quality paddle in their packages.

Ten Toes theNANO Inflatable SUP Board Review

Second is the high pressure hand pump which is very useful but also a bit challenging after you exceed 10 PSI to reach the appropriate pressure of 15 PSIs required for this board.

Last but not least, the package includes a simple repair kit which I doubt you will ever bring out with a board as tough as this one.



  • Ten Toes has a solid reputation in the field and that is a guarantee that this board will represent because reputation is everything in any field.
  • The package is a life saver especially for young beginners and that will make maintaining this board a piece of cake.
  • This board has a one year long warranty life which is always an indicator that the company trusts this product.


  • The hand pump is a little bit of a bear and is preferable to be replaced by an electric pump.
  • The Ten Toes theNANO is designed with young beginners in mind, so if you’re an experience adult or want to take a friend or a pet onboard, look for an advanced inflatable SUP board that can handle more weight.

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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