Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Board Bundle Review [Feb 2023]

Whenever people talk about cheap iSUP boards, they always end up talking about Pathfinder inflatable SUP board. This is because it is a well-known all-round SUP board for all paddlers, whether beginners or skilled. The paddle board is one of the most durable boards in the market, and it comes with a full SUP bundle.

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The main things that distinguish the board are its affordable price, size, and versatility. The paddleboard is easy to store and can be used by anyone. What’s more, is that you can get it for a reasonable amount.

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Pathfinder iSUP is manufactured by Vilano Bikes. Vilano is a popular name, and they’ve made many SUP boards in the market with different brand names. The manufactures have made a reputation for themselves, with different affordable for quality products.

Who should buy the Pathfinder iSUP board?

This board is perfect for small paddlers, families, beginners, and anyone who is on a budget. Most beginners want a paddle board they can learn with. They don’t usually want anything fanciful and a paddle board with key features like speed. All they need is a stable board that is easy to maneuver.

It’s important to note that the Pathfinder iSUP board cannot accommodate many riders but is suitable for families. This is mainly because anyone can use the board. Also, heavier paddlers will not find it suitable because of how things the board is and its low weight limit.

As mentioned earlier, this is an affordable paddle board. Therefore, it is a nice choice for people who are on a budget.

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There are four different factors that can be used to determine the performance of this paddle board. This includes:


The stability of an iSUP board is determined by its thickness, quality of materials, shape, and width. In general, a thicker and wider paddleboard will offer more stability than a thinner board. The Pathfinder board is 9’9 x 30” x 5”. This is a narrow dimension for many people, but the board can be amazingly stable when used by lighter paddlers.

It may not be suitable for heavier paddlers because of its decreased stability with increasing weight. The Pathfinder paddle board may not be a nice option for you if you are on the larger side.


Why buy a paddle board that you cannot control? The Pathfinder iSUP board is easy to maneuver, which is why people love it. You can easily turn and have full control of the boards movement.

The width, length, and hull are the main features that influence the maneuverability of the board. The width and length of the board are perfect, and the hull allows it to float on water. In general, narrower and shorter boards are easy to maneuver.


This is used to describe the movement of a paddle board in a straight line. Imagine paddling a board that can’t maintain movement in a straight line? Terrible, right?

Fortunately, the Pathfinder iSUP board is not that type of board. The large center fin allows the board to stay the course by reducing drag.


The Pathfinder iSUP board offers a great and decent speed, which is perfect for leisure paddling. You’ll enjoy it better if you only want to float on water. It may not be a perfect option for touring or racing.

Board Features

The board has a sizeable deck pad that covers the part where you’ll stand. This is to offer comfort and ensure that you don’t slip while paddling. It also features a bungee storage area that is attached to four D-rings. The placement of this area is great, and you’ll be able to reach it with ease.

This iSUP board has a single-fin system located at the center. It is designed to ensure that the board maintains movement in a straight line. Also, the board is an all-round SUP board meaning that it is more suitable for flat water.

There’s a single carry handle at the center of the board, which is for easy off-water handling.

Accessories for Pathfinder inflatable SUP board

One of the amazing things about iSUPs is that they usually come with complete accessories. Pathfinder is not an exception, and it comes with a valve wrench, pump, carry bag, and paddle. They are the essential items you need to get going.

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  • Good quality for the price
  • Stiff when inflated – like a solid board
  • The package will save you money
  • Made with tough material, which is why it is durable


  • It is narrow, thinner, and shorter, which makes it less stable.


The Pathfinder iSUP board is undoubtedly a great paddle board. It is an affordable and perfect choice for all paddlers. The board comes with all the necessary accessories included, which is amazing.

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