Naish 12′ Glide Air Inflatable SUP Board Review

Naish glide air inflatable SUP Board ReviewI can’t hide my excitement about this SUP which is very similar to a hard board and which represents the coolness and awesomeness of inflatable paddle boards; yet, I’m going to have to take it easy and represent to you the amazing Glide Air inflatable stand up paddle board by Naish.

Recently, a lot of you out there have become familiar with inflatable paddle boards for many reasons; one of which is that they’re capable of delivering a strong performance within a variety of activities as they’re made to suit everyone. Add to that their famous point of strength; extreme portability is what those SUPs are made to convey.

When you’ll first see the Glide Air you’ll think that it’s an authentic board; it’s designed exactly like one with its pointy and raised nose. The color choice is amazingly eye catching; black and yellow are always the right match for anything that is badass especially with those beautiful lines which add to its air and make it look fashionably wild.

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This board is 12 feet tall, 34 inches wide, and 6 inches thick; it’s absolutely made to impress. The Glide Air is a big iSUP board which will let you experience the water differently; you’ll feel it when you stand firm and tall on the board’s back because the fact that it is 6 inches makes it very stiff and rigid, add to that the first coating which is made of drop-stitch outer shell while the second is a top and bottom PVC for shape quality, control and durability matters.

Further, the Glide Air is featured with an Air EVA deck-pad to enhance your equilibrium while paddling, changing directions, or waves maneuvering preventing your feet from slipping as it’s soft for maximum comfort. Also, you’ll find a carry handle in the middle of the board to help you carry it around or get on top of the board in case you fell into the water.

Naish Glide Air inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

Moreover, even though the Glide Air is made to simulate a hard board it comes featured with the best perks of inflatable paddle boards; you’ll find 4 points on the front of the SUP that are connected with a bungee cord for any desired cargo on board, as you’ll also find a D-ring on its tail to attach a safety leash. Using the bungee cord you can take a meal with you or any needed equipment and worry not about losing it to the water.

Now, for a package; the Glide Air comes with almost everything you could need to handle it, and the first thing to be mentioned it the hand pressure pump which matches the board perfectly and which won’t disappoint you doing its job, however, since this board is a big one, an electric pump is a good thing to consider.

2015 Naish 12 Glide Air backpack bagFurthermore, you’ll find a 10 inches fin which is awesomely thin so the board can knife the water smoothly; it’s detachable as to be removed when the board is deflated.

Speaking of which, there is nothing easier than deflating a board as good as this one; you only let open the valve and watch the Glide Air become ready to be rolled up and packed in no time. Here I’d like to mention that this strong board comes with a strong backpack which will save you so much trouble when you are traveling or just when you need somewhere to pack your board; it’ looks sharp and fashionable that you’ll have everyone’s eyes on you. You’ll own the beach the Glide Air.

Finally, which I tended to keep till the end; this board comes without a paddle nor a repair kit. I know it might be a little sad that you have to separately look for a paddle but considering the qualities of the Glide Air should compensate it.



  • The Glide Air is a big SUP which is great for surfing, river riding, or even racing.
  • It simulates an authentic board with a fashionable sharp design.
  • It’s a rigid and strong SUP with double coating layers.
  • It comes with a good looking backpack which matches the SUP.


  • Naish Glide Air is a very pricey inflatable stand up paddle board.
  • The Naish Glide Air package does not include a paddle nor a repair kit.

Naish Glide Air Inflatable SUP Board in Action

2015 Naish Glide Air 12 inflatable sup board Review

Darren Stokes

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