ISLE 10 ft 5 inch Versa Stand Up Paddle Board Review


I’m not sure what’s the first thing you get in mind once you hear the phrase ‘Paddle board’ but it’s probably some sort of a heavy but expensive wooden toy that is shaped like a big post. However, that is not the case with the ISLE VERSA.

The ISLE VERSA is one of the few paddle boards out there that actually looks like a surf board. Most paddle boards end up looking like a rectangle after production for whatever reason. I don’t know whether that’s the company’s attempt to stand out or plain carelessness. You might think that it’s not that big of a deal and for the most part you’re right; the shape of the board will hardly affect its performance but there’s a reason why we prefer round over square donuts.

The ISLE is made of very durable materials that are reinforced with meticulous craftsmanship (AKA the secret behind every good product) which makes the core very strong. Meaning, you don’t have to treat this board like a baby and waste time worrying about whether it’s going to hold strong or not. Also, the weight limit on this board breaches 275 lbs and that’s usually a huge signifier for durability. The ISLE is thus one of the few paddle boards which will allow you to enjoy your cruise carefree.

The ISLE is designed to excel in flat water, so don’t expect to fly through a wavy surface unless you’re a professional. Nonetheless, you can definitely surf on this board because it doesn’t only look like a surf board, it also acts as one. This board however is meant for beginners and intermediate riders, so if you’re a professional then you should probably look at something more to your taste or maybe invest in an inflatable paddle board and try out something new. (By the way, inflatable boards are very suitable for riders of all levels).

This board comes in three different colours: Aqua, blue and green; and that is pretty uncommon when it comes to paddle boards which usually do not grant you the luxury of choosing from a variety of colours. It is 10’5” long which should fit you perfectly if you’re 6 feet tall or under, 32 inches wide which will help you spread your weight comfortably on top of the board and maintain strong balance, and somewhere around 5 inches wide which could’ve been better if you ask me.

The reason I say this is because hard paddle boards require a thick body so they don’t dip at the middle which can occur in boards that are between 3 and 4 inches thick. Meaning, you can still wear your sneakers on this board without worrying about getting them wet but it could’ve been better. Also, you must be on calm water in order to achieve that.

Speaking of which, paddle boarding is mistakenly taken for a summer time activity while it doesn’t have to be. In my opinion, all it requires is clear weather and a body of water. I personally have used my board throughout the seasons and it works just fine as long as I don’t fall off. I admit, it did happen a couple of times but I usually prefer to meditate and cruise peacefully on my board which doesn’t necessarily require swim shorts, unless you’re trying to impress somebody.

This board is equipped with a comfortable gripping pad that covers the lower half of the board, giving you plenty of space to move around freely and change positions. The pad doesn’t just help you stand strong on the board but it also makes it easier to get back up on the deck after you dive in the water. The ISLE comes with an adjustable carbon paddle (Also, it looks pretty nifty) and a 9 inch center box fin. This board has neither D-rings nor bungee cords for on board storage but that’s part of the authentic hard board look.

Insider tip

In case you really need that deck storage net, you can still use suction cups, poke holes on the tips and attach a bungee cord through them and voila!


  • The ISLE is the successor of many great boards branded by the same company, giving it far more legitimacy and trust worthiness on the market.
  • The board is very solid and durable, meaning it’s an eternal purchase as I like to call it. An eternal purchase is a product you buy which lasts for a life time without having to worry about getting something better.
  • The authenticity of the board is unmatchable and as an avid paddler, I concur that looks are very important when it comes to boards in general.


  • The board could’ve been thicker. However, it doesn’t really affect performance in any way.
Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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