Is The ADVENOR Paddle Board For You?

The ADVENOR Extra Wide Paddle Board is an 11 x 33 x 6 inch Extra Wide Inflatable SUP Board, just in case you’re wondering if it will be stable enough for you. From our vast experience and knowledge, we tend to believe that it’s always good to go for such large paddleboards, especially when you are a beginner.


I know that I might face heated objections from smaller paddlers. Still, the overall view is that many paddlers would feel more comfortable with an option that provides extra buoyancy and more carrying weight. With that in mind, we widely commend ADVENOR for offering an excellent opportunity to have extra room for personal items, pets, kids, etc.

Now that it’s clear that you’re keenly considering buying the ADVENOR Paddle Board, this review will detail out what you need to know about it and quickly tell you whether it’s fully geared for most of your favorite water sports and adventures.

Let’s dive right in.


What’s its Measurements?


As already implied, measurement always seems to be the first primary concern among paddleboard buyers. I know that many paddlers, including yours, would love to get one that offers extra space but not at the expense of its price tag.

Therefore, it’s only fair to start the ADVENOR Paddle Board review by telling you how wide and long this option is.

Famous for its extra-wide design, this SUP model measures 11 inches long, 33 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. You can already tell that it’s a premium-sized pick that will easily live up to your expectations, right?

If you’ve been paddling for a while, you can quickly tell that such measurements essentially guarantee you extra comfort and stability while in the water. The best part is that you can comfortably go paddling with your kid or pet.

 The extra surface area coupled with its adequate thickness spreads carrying weight and easily keeps everything onboard above the water. Just be careful not to exceed its carrying capacity.

The ADVENOR Paddle Board can only carry up to a maximum of up to 330 pounds. That is quite enough to take a big guy out for fishing and back without any worries.


What’s its Quality?


Another equally important factor to consider when making a purchase usually is quality. When searching for the best SUP, we often remind buyers to pay special attention to build quality.

By this, I mean that you focus on your most preferred pick’s structural features and overall construction. Reason being that the build quality of an inflatable SUP mainly influences its overall stability, performance, and longevity.

You wouldn’t want to start complaining about bending and sagging shortly after receiving your new purchase, would you?

Luckily, the ADVENOR Paddle Board features very high-quality construction to complement its extra roomy design. The manufacturer promises that the model can sustain high pressure, meaning that you won’t be having any quality issues emanating from its general construction.

What I love most about the ADVENOR SUP model is that it features an ultra-reinforced composite drop-stitch weave that adds to its overall compactness, strength, and durability. The manufacturer is also throwing in a 12-month parts warranty for your peace of mind to top it up.


What Features Does it Have?


As for features, the ADVENOR Paddle Board generally includes an impressive set for the best bargain.

First, its extra spacious and high-quality construction includes UV-resistant material for your safety while paddling in the open waters. This comprehensive design broadly spreads its weight equally throughout its entirety, making it ultra-light and easy to carry around.

Talking of carrying your paddleboard, this option also comes with a highly durable large-capacity backpack for easy storage and transport. This SUP unit is completely mobile and can fully be dismantled in seconds using its repair kit, so carrying your new purchase needn’t be an issue with this model.

Besides the repair kit, this feature-packed option also comes with a fully functioning double-action pump that can quickly inflate up to 12 PSI in 10 minutes. Its three bottom panel fins are fully removable and are great for maintaining top speed on the water, while its aluminum-made paddle can be adjusted accordingly.

Last but not least, I particularly like the inclusion of D-rings and a safety leash to keep you safe, especially if you are paddling in deep waters. All you need to do is to put the leash on your calf or ankle, then connect it to the SUP before you go surfing.

What’s its General Performance?


On the performance front, the ADVENOR Paddle Board promises to deliver one of the best water paddling experiences of your life. Both its build and navigation features attest to this claim, with the three bottom panel fins promising to reach optimum speeds on the water.   

Its aluminum paddle is height adjustable, and users can conveniently readjust it according to their preferences for quality performance. The inclusion of an EVA deck pad on the make prevents slipping and increases your chances of attaining your performance targets.

By combining usability and convenience, ADVENOR Paddle Board’s performance is exceptional for nearly any water sport, including kayaking. Otherwise, you can also choose to use the ADVENOR model for sunbathing, surfing, paddling, and board yoga without any disappointments. For best performance, consider using your purchase in the ocean, rivers, and freshwater lakes.


What’s in the Package?


The ADVENOR Paddle Board packaging mainly includes:

  • A large backpack for storage and transport
  • A height-adjustable aluminum paddle
  • A coiled ankle safety leash
  • Dual-action hand pump for fast inflations/deflations
  • A water-resistant phone case
  • A waterproof repair kit


  • The board and paddle feels great
  • Uses standard components for quick repairs
  • Has good foot grip
  • The paddle is both sturdy and ergonomic
  • Its long removable bottom panel fins provide more stability
  • Fast inflating and deflating pump


  • Backpack is not the highest quality

 Verdict: We recommend this board



We know that finding the best paddleboard that will serve you well and for the years to come isn’t a walk in the park. But, we hope that this comprehensive ADVENOR Paddle Board review has shed some light on your paddleboard search by letting you know what it’s ready to offer. If this fails to meet your preferences, feel free to continue reading our other paddleboard reviews. Good luck!


How to Buy: The Advenor Extra Wide Board is available here.

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