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Abahub Inflatable SUP Review

    Before we dive into the Abahub Inflatable SUP review, allow me to acknowledge the simple fact that going to the beach is considered one of the best ways to get rid of stress. As a great relaxer for the mind, engaging in water sports is equally an excellent way for you to have fun and keep fit while at it.


    • Excellent SUP for all levels
    • Convertible to a kayak
    • Very stable
    • Accessories included
    • Safe for kids
    • Good quality and low price

    Verdict: We recommend this board

    But I’m not familiar with water sport? Which one can I easily try and still enjoy as a complete newbie?

    These are some of the questions that must be running through your mind right now, especially if you’re still new to the beach lifestyle. Well, I’ll throw one back at you.

    Have you ever heard of paddleboarding?

    For those who aren’t familiar with it, paddleboarding generally is a type of water sport where the participant moves through the water using swimming motions while either lying or standing on a paddleboard.

    Yes, a paddleboard is a flat (sometimes inflated) boat-like device that you use for paddleboarding.

    I’m sure you’re now interested to learn more about this, right?


    For starters, finding the right paddleboard usually is the first step in ensuring that you’ll have a successful paddleboarding experience. Trust me, you don’t want to start off with one that doesn’t match up to your overall water skills.

    Back to the main purpose of this review, we’ll shortly be letting you in on the most crucial details as to why the Abahub Inflatable SUP could be the best choice for your paddleboarding practices. Therefore, we recommend that you pay keen attention to every detail and advice against skimming through because we value your paddleboarding experience.

    Let’s get to it then.

    Abahub Inflatable SUP - Abahub Inflatable SUP, Wide 10'6

    What’s its Measurement?

    The Abahub Inflatable SUP measurements include a total length of 10.6 inches, a 34-inch wide deck, and an overall thickness of 6 inches. As you can already tell, it’s slightly short of the standard 11-inch length but it has a very wide deck to compensate for that.

    This wide space combined with a substantial board thickness is particularly good for providing more stability as well as more room for your cargo. If you’re a family person, then you’re going to love this model because it offers extra space for carrying your child or pet along while surfing on small waves.

    Besides being a stable and safe choice for families, you’ll only have to keep a close eye on its 375-pound maximum load capacity. Otherwise, the 6-inch thickness is excellent for keeping things afloat.

    What’s Its Quality?

    On the quality front of things, the Abahub Inflatable SUP mainly stands out as an all-around pick for riders of nearly all paddling proficiency and sizes. It’s specifically constructed using a dual-fusion laminated high drop-stitch core combined with a high-density PVC build core.

    Forget the technical part, it only means that this choice has a durable construction and it’s of very high quality. For better performance, it’s recommended that you remember to inflate it up to an average range of 17 to 18 PSI.

    At this pressure, the Abahub Inflatable SUP will generally feel as stiff as a solid SUP but will still remain lightweight for easy transport.

    Abahub Inflatable SUP - Abahub Inflatable SUP, Wide 10'6

    What Features Does It Have?

    As an all-around general pick, this model largely features an extra-wide extra-durable design for more stability and better performance. The addition of the soft elastic brushed EVA traction non-slip pads provides more comfort and are particularly mandatory for a solid grip during paddleboarding.

    I know that we’ve already established that the Abahub Inflatable SUP is an excellent pick for family fun days but what I haven’t mentioned is that it features a fully sealed 3-layered sidewall to reduce the chances of air leakage during your family water adventures. This typically means that you can easily use it for family water tours or longboard surfing but on smaller waves, just to be safe.

    Still, on the design, I find it very thoughtful because the inclusion of up to 14 D-rings allows users to have more storage room with bungees for the head and tail sections, side rail paddle hooks, grip handles for the kids, and the kayak seat. For more convenience and portability, the carrying backpack is designed with YKK zippers, 4-inch straps, and a thick support cushion pad for a travel-friendly experience.

    Abahub Inflatable SUP - Abahub Inflatable SUP, Wide 10'6

    What’s Its General Performance?

    I specifically love that the Abahub Inflatable SUP is completely family-friendly and can be used for longboard surfing – even if it’s on the mild end of things. The best part yet is that it also doubles up as a kayak. Quite versatile, don’t you think?

    Not many of the other paddleboards with similar caliber do that. So, the unique thing about this one is that it comes fully equipped with a 4-piece carbon shaft dual paddle together with a very comfortable neoprene kayak seat to serve the purpose.

    That said, all you have to do is to attach the seat to the provided D-rings and turn the SUP paddle into a two-sided kayak paddle. Once everything is ready, you should be able to enjoy your kayak ride comfortably on your paddleboard.

    For those who love board yoga, you’ll have to remove the carrying handle cover at the center and secure the paddle using the paddle hooks on the rail to create room for yoga practice.

    What’s in the Package?

    The Abahub Inflatable SUP packaging contains excellent paddling accessories like:

    • Tough 1680D backpack
    • A thick neoprene kayak seat
    • Carbon fiber shafts
    • Two-way paddle
    • A strong TPU safety leash
    Abahub Inflatable SUP - Abahub Inflatable SUP, Wide 10'6


    • Highly versatile
    • Doubles as a kayak
    • Very durable design
    • Affordable for its caliber
    • Perfect for family use


    • Board leash can be sometimes tricky to install

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    As you can see, the Abahub Inflatable SUP primarily delivers all of its promises. Backed by more than a decade of experience, this model stands out as a premium choice that’s perfect for all paddleboard use and skill levels. Its suitability for family use and the fact that it doubles up as a kayak, are some of the unique features that set it apart from the rest. But knowing that it has a very durable construction and also comes with a full set of essential paddling accessories should be enough to get it to the top of your list of buying options.