iRocker 10′ Inflatable SUP Board Review

iRocker 10 Inflatable SUP board reviewThe iRocker is one of the few inflatable paddle boards which is actually pretty good. This thing is very rigid since it’s made of military grade material. Nonetheless, it actually looks as if it has been designed to run on a beauty pageant. It is a good looking board and just like any other inflatable board, it is very light and easy to move around.

The iRocker is 10 ft tall, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick when fully inflated which looks just about right compared to other over-sized or undersized boards. As it is common with inflatable boards, the manufacturer almost always includes a pump with the package and this product is no exception.

The board takes  under 10 minutes to inflate and shouldn’t overpass 15 PSI which should be evident on the pressure gauge that comes with the pump. It might seem like a minor detail to over or under inflate the board but believe me, it will noticeably affect the performance once on water, so better keep it at 15.

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I have been using this board for almost two weeks now and to tell the truth I am not disappointed. I mean, for something in this price range and at this quality, it is easily a good purchase. But to make sure, I went and put it to the test several times, using it in shallow water, throwing it on rocks, pebbles or sand when done but that didn’t seem to leave any visible damage on the board’s outer layer which confirms its rigidity.

iRocker 10' Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewAlso, nothing says ‘this is a good quality product’ like a 2 years warranty which the manufacturer includes as safety net in case you doubt its rigidity.

The iRocker is built to endure the probable effects of any possible impacts caused by dings, wood pilings, or concrete. Besides the basic materials, the making of any product is half the quality and it really shows on this board. It isn’t unfamiliar to find flaws in any product but that cannot be tolerated when making such purchase because any defect in an inflatable board can jeopardize the basic functions of this thing. That is why, whenever I make a purchase, I make sure to scrutinize the product for any obvious defects like bumps or uneven angles which can become a problem with time.

The weight limit on this board is up to 350 lbs which is great because sometimes you might want to take someone cruising with you which you can’t really achieve with most boards in this price range whose weight limit is 250 lbs at best. Add to that, the traction pad on the iRocker covers 2 thirds of the deck and does a great job helping you maintain a solid posture when standing and maximizes gripping in strong currents. Also, it is very helpful when you try to get back on the board when you fall in the water.

white iRocker 10' Inflatable SUP board reviewThis board does not come with a repair kit which is weird but it does include a very practical back pack/carry bag which makes it a lot easier to store and move your board when deflated. I don’t know why not all inflatable boards come with a carry bag because it is indispensable as it prevents accidentally damaging your board when transporting or storing it getting. It also looks great to come wearing a small back pack to the beach with a paddle and a pump in your hand and suddenly bam!!! A huge solid board appears out of nowhere. That never seizes to impress people.

One thing which really got me into this board is its shape. I love the idea of inflatable boards in general because they are so much more practical than regular boards but sadly most of the manufacturers end up making something that looks rectangular and that is not how a board is supposed to look like. The iRocker looks sharp and specifically designed to look like a natural board which is very satisfying because it combines the best of both worlds. Also, the board comes in two colors for the same price and that was a relief because some boards either look too feminine or too masculine but in this case, you get to choose for yourself.


  • The iRocker comes with an all inclusive package which contains everything you need to maintain this board.
  • It looks great and just like natural board with the extra practicality of an inflatable one.
  • This board is built with a beginner in mind which means it can take a beating and you wouldn’t have to treat it like a butterfly.


  • It doesn’t come with a repair kit which is all that is missing in this board.


Insider’s TIP

Get the white board because it looks really classy and you can cruise with style.


Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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