Earth River 12’6″ inflatable SUP Board Review

Earth River inflatable SUP board ReviewIt’s not late yet if you’re looking for a good inflatable standup paddle board; the weather is only getting hotter and the nearest beach, river, or lake is calling you to do some surfing, recreational paddling, or yoga; you just name it, because with the Earth River SUP which comes in 3 different sizes you’ll find the one to fit you best as you’ll rediscover your passion for water activities.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the Earth River’s biggest inflatable SUP board which is 12 feet tall, 31 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

The other 2 sizes are [11 feet tall/34 inches wide/5 inches thick] and [9 feet tall/31 inches wide/5 inches thick].

The Earth River 12’6″ SUP board can take up to 290 lbs as it is designed mainly for long distance excursions, down-winders, and nature paddles. You’ll notice that its nose is designed to be a higher nose rocker which makes the board also good for waves surfing and rapids; it’s fast and it’s not complicated to manipulate at all.

Earth River 12'6The Earth River is featured with a diamond ‘Ultra Grip’ deck pad that covers almost 2 thirds of the board’s back, and which is perfect in the roughest conditions because it’ll allow you to be quick off the mark as you paddle in comfort and balance. You’ll also notice something that you don’t and won’t usually see on other SUPs; an edge raised foot pad which will allow you greater control over the board using your heel during push offs and advanced maneuvers.

Speaking of which; the Earth River is constructed of a double wall military grade PVC with 1000 denier drop-stitch core; it’s built with resilience in mind and it’s ready to thrive in any water environment.

Additionally, this inflatable paddle board comes with a newly designed double-action hand pump which pumps on both down and upstroke; it’ll pump the board in no time as you’ll be glad to take it with you everywhere needed, however, it’s always a good idea to use an electric pump since the Earth River is a big guy.

Further, the Earth River is 6 inches thick and that only means greater rigidity and weight capacity, thus, you’ll find that this board is featured with 4 stainless steel D-rings that are located on the front as they are connected with a bungee cord as for you to carry any desirable cargo on board. Also, another D-ring is fixed on the tail to attach a safety leash.

Now, concerning the fins configuration; you’ll find included one removable slide-in fin which is 8 inches tall; it’s made of tough poly-carbonate to ensure both cut and balance through the water, and as a little reminder; always remember to put the tail of the SUP into the water first so you don’t damage the fin on the rocks while getting on top of the board.

earth river 12'6Moreover, the Earth River comes with a classic over-sized backpack which is always my favorite part when it comes to inflatable paddle boards; they’re extremely portable and they’re so easy to transport with you anywhere. This bag will allow you to carry around the deflated and rolled up SUP easily as it’ll make it simple to store it almost anywhere.

Before ending this review, we all know that there is almost always a downside to almost everything, it’s nothing serious though don’t worry; the Earth River comes without a paddle nor a repair kit, thus, you might be a little upset since the board is a little pricey. However, which is a huge plus; the Earth River boards are supported with 2 years warranty, and if that is to announce anything it’ll be the quality and confidence which the company put in their products.



  • The Earth River is a big, strong, and rigid SUP which is designed for long distance touring as well as for surfing and white waters taking.
  • It’s featured with the new innovated raised edge foot pad.
  • The ultra-grip diamond pad is excellent for quick paddling and maneuvers.
  • It comes with a big comfortable backpack.
  • You’ll get to choose the best size for you.
  • The company provides you with 2 years warranty.


  • Earth River inflatable stand up paddle boards cost an arm and a leg.
  • Earth River iSUP Boards don’t come a paddle or a repair kit.

earth river 12'6

earth river 12'6

earth river 12'6

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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