Atlantis 10’6″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

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Atlantis 10'6

One of the most common yet hardest decisions we are faced with in the market place is whether to trust an unfamiliar brand which seems promising or just go with a familiar one no matter how inadequate it feels.

I personally have been in this situation more often than not and it’s especially hard when it comes to a serious purchase. The item at question here is the Atlantis 10’6” inflatable stand up paddle board.

Atlantis is a relatively new introduction to the industry but it’s already making big appearances on several levels. As mentioned earlier, the board seems very promising and the quality is undeniably remarkable but should you trust it?

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Well, short answer is we have investigated, tested, and reviewed over 50 inflatable stand up paddle boards so far and I can tell you that this one is definitely on the positive list. Long answer is:

Atlantis inflatable SUP Board Review

The Atlantis 10’6” inflatable stand up paddle board is definitely a strong choice because of many reasons but mainly because of its quality.

This board is strictly made of military grade PVC material which is then fortified by an industrial drop-stitch construction allowing it to withstand rocky shores and white water rapids. In other words, the Atlantis 10’6” iSUP board will not crack or chip even if you go wild with it and that’s a quality which you cannot assume with a regular hard board.

The Atlantis is 10 feet and 6 inches long and 30 inches wide making it perfect for young adult and adult users alike. Boards this size are usually meant for amateur to professional boarders but even a complete beginner can learn to handle this board easily.

Further, this iSUP is 6 inches thick which is far better than the standard 4 inches for one simple reason. Boards that are under 4 inches thick are more prone to give in under the weight of the user and dive at the center but 6 inches is just impeccable.

Accordingly, this Atlantis 10’6” iSUP board has a weight limit of 350 lbs which equals two users or a user + child or pet.

The basic features of the board exhibit a lot of dedication in the making stage of the product in order to produce a clean looking board down to the finest details.

Atlantis 10'6

One of the best features of this board is the 4 stainless steel D-rings on the end of the deck which are connected by a bungee cord that is meant to store or transport cargo. Also, unlike most boards, the D-rings are appropriately located to enable you to install a kayak seat in case you wish to experience more with your board.

An excellent aspect on this Atlantis iSUP board is the huge traction pad which spreads over most of the deck to grant you more action space. Moreover, this feature will allow you more stability if you distribute your weight properly while standing. The pad will also come in very handy once you’ll need to jump back on the board after falling into the water.

Further comes one epic installment on any board and that is fins. On the Atlantis, you’ll find two fixed smaller fins and one big central (removable) fin which will prove extremely useful in smooth and slow currents but not so much on waves and shallow water.

The one aspect which can make or break a deal for me is the package in which the board comes and that’s because a healthy package will make the difference between a joyful experience and a headache. Fortunately, Atlantis comes in a friendly package which will make maintaining the board a piece of cake.

Atlantis 10'6

First and most important item in the pack is the carry bag back pack which will help you transport and store the board in a blink. All you have to do is deflate, roll up, put the board in your bag and take a walk to your nearest body of water and storing it is just as simple.Then comes the adjustable paddle which is obviously necessary if you’re planning on actually using the board.

Further, the package also includes a high pressure hand pump but being a huge board, you’ll need some 10 mins to pump the board up to the designated 20 PSI.

Last you’ll find the detachable central fin which I advise you to avoid using on waves and shallow waters to avoid damaging it.



  • Atlantis is a new brand which places it under the spot light of expectation; the expectation to produce quality products that will help the brand gain reputation and that’s something to rely on.
  • The package in which the Atlantis comes is all inclusive and will allow you to actually enjoy a full on experience without worrying about any short comings.
  • The price tag on this board is definitely another reason to put it on your purchase list, considering that it’s a quality board that falls within a range of extremely expensive boards.


  • The hand pumping is going to become a little more annoying with every time you do. So, my advice to you is to get yourself a nice electric pump and save yourself the trouble.

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