ACOWAY Inflatable Paddle Board with Non-Slip Deck Review [Feb 2023]

The beach holds different possibilities for adventure that you can enjoy, irrespective of your mood. You can either spend time relaxing by the water or dive in for some interesting water adventures. There are so many paddle activities that you can also engage in, and you can start with the ACOWAY inflatable paddle board.

ACOWAY Inflatable Paddle Boards, 10'6

There are many types of paddle boards available on the market, but the inflatable paddle board is preferred. This is because it is suitable for everyone, including inexperienced paddlers. The paddler is easy to inflate and deflate, which makes it easy to transport. What’s more is that it is versatile, saves on space, portable and durable.

It’s time to chart all the fun you deserve with this inflatable paddle board.

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How can you be sure that you are making the right decision by buying this inflatable paddle board? Here’s are some factors that will let you know you’ve made the right decision.

ACOWAY Inflatable Paddle Boards, 10'6

Board Length

The length of the paddle board can determine how it will perform. In general, longer boards are best for speed, while shorter boards offer enhanced maneuverability.

Board Width

Board width is also important for maneuverability. An inflatable paddle board’s ideal width should be between 32 to 33 inches wide for improved stability. A wider width will offer more stability, but the speed will be reduced.

Board Thickness

This determines the volume, weight capacity, and stability of the inflatable board. A beginner will need nothing more than a 5-inch thick board, while an experienced paddler will need a 6-inch board.

Weight Capacity

All inflatable boards have a weight capacity limit. Consider your weight and ensure that the paddle board can accommodate you.

Features of ACOWAY Inflatable Paddle Boards

ACOWAY Inflatable Paddle Boards, 10'6


The paddle board has a mesh structure for unmatched strength, a weight limit of 180kg, and strong construction. It is important to note that the boards are made of high-quality PVC materials too. With this paddle board, you won’t be scared of using your phone. This is because it has a waterproof pocket for mobile devices.

This inflatable paddle board offers very good water stability, which makes it a perfect choice for beginners.


The paddle board is 83.8 cm wide, 3.8 m long, and 15.2 cm thick. It weighs 10kg and is very easy to maneuver. The paddle board has a removable bottom plate that improves balance, stability, speed, handling and steering.

You’ll like the upper deck of this paddle board because it is soft and with an anti-slip pad. This will further increase your balance when you use it.

Full Accessory Package

The paddle board includes a rotating ankle cuff, gliders, safety ropes, aluminum paddles, a repair kit, and a waterproof bag. It features a bilateral air pump to help you inflate the board quickly. You can also deflate the paddle board with ease.

Portable and Inflatable

This inflatable paddle board is easy to move about. You can fold it into any type of travel bag and take it along with you to any destination. The paddle board can be inflated and deflated with ease, and it’s a perfect choice for rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Money Back Policy

If you buy this inflatable paddle board and you’re not happy with what you get, you can return or exchange it. However, you need to do this within 30 days or won’t return or exchange the paddle board again.

You can also contact the sales team if you encounter any problem within a year. Even though you might not be able to return or exchange it, they will provide a nice solution for you.

ACOWAY Inflatable Paddle Boards, 10'6


  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • It is perfect for beginners
  • Ideal for yoga, touring, or fishing
  • Enjoy a smooth and safe ride
  • Inflatable paddle


  • It’s not easy to contact the manufacturer of this product
  • Only a few users have encountered issues with the paddle pump


The ACOWAY inflatable paddle board with a non-slip deck is a perfect choice for beginners. It is suitable for paddlers weighing 180kg, and it’s easy to maneuver. The inflatable paddle board comes with all the accessories that you would need to get on the water. This includes the safety ropes, gliders, aluminum paddles, waterproof bag, and repair kits.

As a way of guaranteeing quality, the paddle board has 30 days money-back policy. Therefore, if you notice any issue within 30 days, you can return or exchange the inflatable paddle boards. The manufacturers also offer a one-year maintenance service for the item.

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