YX iSUP Board for All Skill Levels Review

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are becoming increasingly popular of recent. These boards are different from the regular SUP boards, and their exterior is made of PVC with drop-stitch technology/ This is to help create air in the core of the board. One reason why people usually settle for these boards is that they come with all the accessories needed to get started.

When you buy an iSUP board, you wouldn’t have to buy a pump to inflate the board. Also, they usually come with a storage bag to help in storing the boards when not in use. There are so many iSUP boards available in the market today, and the quality boards can be inflated to 15 pounds per square inch. This is to make the board rigid and sturdy.

Why you should buy an iSUP board

Here are some of the reasons to get this board if you are still wondering:

  • Limited storage space: You may not have space for a large solid board, especially if you are trying to conserve space. With an inflatable board, space will be the least of your concerns. They have a compact design and can be deflated anytime for easy storage. You can place them in your closet or even in your car trunk.
  • Traveling: Whether it’s a road trip, or a flight, moving with a solid board will cost you more. The inflatable SUP board is easy to transport, and the only thing you need is to deflate the board, and you’re ready to move. These boards have a storage bag where you can store the board and all the accessories you’ll need for paddling in your new destination.
  • Hiking to a lake: Carrying a solid board to paddle on an alpine lake may not be easy. Therefore, you’ll need an inflatable SUP board because it is not heavy, and you can easily transport it.
  • Different water activities: iSUP boards are perfect for different paddling and water activities. This includes yoga, surfing, and fishing. Rest assured that you can use these boards to have a nice time on the water.

There are so many other reasons to buy an iSUP board. The interesting thing is that there are currently many boards available on the market. With these numerous options, you might be confused about which one to get. You can settle for YX iSUP Board if you want something that is versatile and durable.

YX iSUP Board

Some of the boards you’ll find out there are either suitable for beginners or experts alone. However, the YX iSUP board is perfect for all skill levels. Therefore, whether you are a beginner or an expert, this board is a perfect choice for you.

Are you wondering what makes the YX iSUP board stand out and why it is suitable for all skill levels?


  • The inflatable paddle board is made from high-quality and military-grade materials. This is to ensure durability and ensure that it lasts long. The board is lightweight and also one of the most durable you’ll find in the market.
  • YX iSUP board has an extra-wide design, and this is to make it a suitable all-round board. The board is also perfect for all skill levels, and you can use it in freshwater lakes, rivers, and oceans. One thing you must note is that the carrying capacity of this board is 172.4kg.
  • The board comes with all the accessories that you’ll need to get started. This includes the board itself and the aluminum paddle. It is worth mentioning that the paddle is foldable and floatable. Therefore, you can be sure that it won’t sink it water if it mistakenly falls off when you’re paddling. Other accessories included are the hand pump, safety line, and backpack.
  • YX iSUP board will make you feel comfortable and practical. Its dimension is 30.9 x 83.2 x 15.2, making it easy to maneuver.


  • Complete accessories containing all you need to get started. Therefore, you won’t have to start looking for where to buy these accessories. Also, the accessories that are included are of the best quality.
  • The board is perfect for all skill levels, and you can use it in different environment
  • It is one of the most durable iSUP boards available in the market
  • The board is lightweight and can be easily stored and transported. You can easily transport it when inflated through the handle at the middle, or when deflated in the back pack.


  • It uses a manual pump. Some people will prefer a board with an automatic pump


You need a reliable and durable paddle board if you want to have a wonderful paddling experience. Consider the YX iSUP board if you do not know what board to settle for.

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Gerald Kelly

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