TUSY Inflatable Paddle Board for Maximum Fun – Review

Are you looking for a fun way to spend quality time with your friends and family? Inflatable stand up paddle boards are a great option you might want to consider. iSUP boards are now popular for many reasons. First of all, they are getting more affordable. Secondly, throughout the years they became much more portable and compact. Unlike conventional hard boards, they are easy to store and transport. The TUSY inflatable paddle board is just one excellent example.

In this article, we are going to look at the details of the TUSY inflatable standup paddle board. I am going to walk you through the measurements, construction, build quality and talk about what activities this board is good for. I am also going to touch on the included accessories. I will summarise with the pros and cons and share my final opinion. At the end, you should be able to decide for yourself if this board is for you.

This SUP can be used in various conditions

With this board, you’ll have a premium feel, and one interesting thing is that the price is VERY competitive. Also, the board is available in 3 different colors, meaning that you get to choose what you want. It also comes with paddles and a carry backpack, with a design that matches whichever color you choose.

Measurements and Construction of the TUSY inflatable paddle board

This is a 10ft long paddle board which comes in two sizes:

TUSY SUP - blue
Blue – larger size
TUSY SUP - light blue
Light blue
TUSY SUP - aqua

Even though it is built mainly for fun, you can be sure that it will perform well. The stability of this board is impressive, thanks to its width. If you are worried about stability, then I would recommend the wider option. TUSY also thought about those who would prefer some more agility: then the shorter and narrower option might be better for you. Both sizes cost the same.

Overall, the board feels good compared to other SUPs within the same price range. It’s built with military-grade PVC material which is what you see being used for most of the boards like this these days so don’t expect it’s bullet proof!

TUSY inflatable paddle board is a great option for beginners, and it features D-rings that can accommodate different installations. You can install a kayak seat and other accessories with the D-rings. This is a versatile board that offers endless possibilities for users. You’ll find this board really useful, especially if you plan to have your pets or more people on the board.

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Build Quality

The board is fully equipped to guarantee proper balance and safety of its users. There are so many impressive features that have been included for this reason. This includes the grooved anti-slip deck, the removable aluminum paddle, composite halyard stitches, and the military-grade PVC material.

All these features work together to ensure that the paddler is well-balanced and very stable. The aim is for the paddlers to enjoy their time on the water without any hassle. TUSY inflatable paddle board is one of the most stable and high-quality boards you’ll find on the market.


TUSY inflatable paddle board accessories

Good to know

Is performance important for you? You can count on this board to deliver. Interestingly, the board is good for beginners and advanced paddlers. Another cool thing about the board is that you can inflate it within a short time to make it ready for any ride. When inflated, the deck materials become soft but firm, and with this, you can enjoy your time on the water and forget all your worries.

Paddle board for kids

A nice thing about the standup paddle boards is that kids can also use them. Whenever the idea of involving kids in paddling activities comes up, people often ask if it’s a safe thing to do. It’s a fair question! Fortunately, there are now safety features that can help reduce the risks. First of all, you definitely want to think about getting a life jacket for your child. Regarding the board itself, if you are looking for a paddle board that you can use to enjoy paddling activities with your kids, you can definitely consider the TUSY inflatable paddle board.

Summary and conclusion


  • The board is easy to paddle and perfect for both beginners and advanced paddlers
  • It has all the features you need to ensure your safety on the water
  • The package comes with all the accessories you need to get started. Therefore, you won’t waste time searching for other items like the paddle or the hand pump
  • TUSY iSUP board is easy to inflate and deflate, which is perfect as it’s easy to transport and store


  • Poor selection of colors. You really need to like shades of blue to go for this board.
  • It is not the same quality you get with 1500-2000 USD boards.

The TUSY inflatable paddle board remains one of the best boards available on the market. With military-grade PVC, you can be sure of its durability, safety, and stability.

Whether you are an adult, beginner, or a kid, this board will serve you well. TUSY inflatable paddle board is perfect for all skill levels. Considering the low price, I think it’s going to be hard to find a better deal this summer. We saw many similar options (in terms of features and quality) but they still were from 50-100 USD more expensive. The TUSY might be an excellent choice if you have never owned a iSUP board and would like to give the sport a try.

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