MemOffice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Looking for an inflatable stand up paddle board? Check out the details of this highly versatile model: MemOffice!

MATERIAL: The MemOffice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is made of high-quality PVC material to provide excellent UV protection. The side walls are made up of two specially made PVC layers for air retention.

MemOffice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - MemOffice 10'6

MANEUVERABILITY: The MemOffice Stand Up Paddle Board is 10’6 “long, 32” wide and 6 “thick, weighs 22 pounds and has a capacity of 264 pounds. The inflatable paddle board platform is soft and non-slip for balance.

PORTABLE & INFLATABLE: The MemOffice inflatable SUP boards have chosen a high-quality pump that can be inflated quickly, usually within 5 minutes of the pumping time, and taken to where you want to go fishing or whatever you get up to in the water, it can suit your needs.

INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: Inflatable MemOffice Paddle Board Kits include stainless steel dingies, heavy-duty backpack, adjustable three-piece stand-up paddle, upper ankle, high-quality hand pump, waterproof cell phone case, repair kit.

MemOffice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - MemOffice 10'6

When using the paddle board, make sure that as soon as you can, you fasten the Velcro fastener firmly to your calf or ankle, that way you won’t lose track of it if you fall off.

You can store your phone in the waterproof bag.

It has a non-slip EVA large 5mm EVA pad on the board that ensures grip and comfort. EVA material is soft, has good cushioning and anti-vibration properties.

This Stand-Up Paddle Board is equipped with a central handle, the handle in the middle of the board is practical and very easy to carry. Pull the paddleboards behind the boat while out at sea. Just tie up your friend’s paddle boards and enjoy your time on the water.

Removable fins

The triple fins on the back of the paddle board are removable in design. The removable fins are easy to store. Bending the surfboard does not pinch the board, which reduces the possibility of fins causing surface abrasion. Lock the fin so it doesn’t fall into the water.

Manual Pump Paddleboard

Be sure to use your whole body, not just your arms, to pump The MemOffice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board and make sure the inflation valve is closed before inserting the tube (that will really help your cause!).

The hand pump inflates the inflatable boat by inserting the end of the hose into the inflation port and pumping to the correct PSI.

600D Heavy Duty High-Capacity Backpack

Blue Oxford fabric backpack with two side pockets, the side pockets are enlarged to 25 cm and two bayonet fastening straps are attached to the bag.

This is a great inflatable paddle board, especially for this price! It is very easy to inflate, and you will not have a problem keeping it inflated.

It comes with a hand pump, but you can use your own electric pump and that will work great as well. It would easily be filled with the hand pump, but it can take some time, which would be the case with any inflatable item.

You will love the size of the MemOffice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. It is just over 10 feet tall, which makes it feel very safe in the water. Even your children as young as two years old would love being on the board with you and may even try paddling! The board is good, thick quality.

For all-round entertainment paddling, inflatable SUPs are tons better overall, because of benefits in durability, portability, weight, versatility, and damage prevention. But in case you are shopping for a board specifically for SUP racing or surfing, positive technical attributes of hard boards cause them to be worth considering.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, at one stage just a novelty amongst SUP boards, have developed over time and are turning out to be the brand new regular and the place to begin while looking for a paddle board.

MemOffice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - MemOffice 10'6

ARE INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARDS MORE STABLE? The balance of an inflatable paddle board relies upon, in large part, the thickness of the layout. A properly made five-inch-thick inflatable paddle board will typically be more balanced than a hard board due to the distinction in rail construction. A five-inch-thick inflatable paddle board could have a uniformly rounded rail while a hard board calls for the rail to be tapered at the rims to lessen weight. Nose and tail form influence balance as well, however to a lesser degree.

CAN INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARDS BE REPAIRED? Yes, many styles of damage to inflatable SUP boards may be repaired. Every now and then by way of the owner, however, better to be by way of a certified SUP board repairing shop. Most inflatable paddle boards nonetheless consist of a ‘fixit kit, however on a terrific inflatable, it’s seldom needed. These days, the want to patch is uncommon on a performance SUP, and generally is the end result of a huge impact with a pointy rock or item or careless abuse of the board which includes dragging it on pavement.

CAN YOU SURF ON AN INFLATABLE SUP? Yes. You can surf nearly any SUP, however how it’s going to carry on within the waves will depend upon board layout, form, and rigidity. The quality inflatable SUPs for surf can also depend on the peaks and lows of the waves you need to ride.

The ocean affords various possibilities for stand-up paddling. For shoulder height or huge wave surfing a specifically made hard board has huge overall performance benefits. However, beneath that, an overall good performance inflatable like the MemOffice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, gives top notch possibilities to have a great time in the sun and surf.

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  • Great Accessories Included
  • Removable Fins For Easy Storage
  • Excellent Maneuverability


  • Manual Hand Pump Can Take Time To Complete Inflation

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As mentioned, the fins are removable on the MemOffice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, which makes it very easy to stow away. No issues with space.

You would think that the board would be difficult to put back in the pocket, but it is easy to deflate and there is plenty of room in the pocket.

Overall, this is an amazing paddleboard, and your family will have plenty of fun with it!



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