Goplus 10/11ft iSUP Board with Free Accessories

Are you thinking of trying standup paddling? This new water playground will take your stress away and also improve your cardiac health. Workout is also better when it doesn’t actually feel like a workout, and this is what you’ll get with paddling. Paddling has provided different business avenues for industries across the world in unimaginable ways. Goplus 10/11ft iSUP Board with Free Accessories is just one enabler.

For example, different manufacturing and design industries are now venturing into this sport, and the aim is to add flavor and make it enjoyable. To have a smooth paddling experience, you’ll need to make use of the right standup paddle board.

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Are you unfamiliar with what a standup paddle board is? This is basically a surfboard that will allow you to paddle on the water. It is just like an ice-skate, but on water. These boards are designed in different styles and shapes, and they are also available at varying prices. With this, you can be sure of finding one that suits your needs.

Another cool thing about the boards is that they are designed to use rivers, oceans, and lakes. What’s more is that you can use them for activities like fishing, yoga, racing, recreational activities, and more.

One thing to note about these boards is that they are wider and longer to help you maintain balance.

Why you should use an inflatable standup paddle board

  • They are very easy to carry from one location to another. You can easily fold them in a bag when deflated, and when inflated, you can hold them through the handle located at the center of the board. With this, you can conveniently take the board to any destination you like, and you won’t even feel any discomfort
  • Inflatable paddle boards do not occupy much space. Therefore, it is a great option for you if you’re trying to conserve space
  • Unlike conventional hard boards, iSUP boards are durable and won’t get damaged easily
  • With these boards, you won’t have to pay expensive surfboard fees charged by different airlines. This is also because it can be easily folded in a bag, and it’s of lightweight.
  • You can easily place the boards in your pockets, unlike the conventional hard paddle boards. With this, you won’t have to worry about space and how to transport the board from one place to another.

With this, you’ll agree that the iSUP boards are perfect and far better than the hard paddle boards. If you are thinking of getting an iSUP board, you might want to consider the Goplus 10/11ft iSUP board.

Before you get any paddle board, you need to be sure that the board shape is adaptable, the fin system is reliable, and the deck pad has awesome features. With the Goplus iSUP board, you’ll get all the awesome features and offers of a reliable paddle board.

Features of Goplus 10/11ft iSUP board

Extra Durable

The board is made with high-quality PVC materials with drop-stitch technology. This is for improved security and stability. Another cool thing is that the board has a bungee of high-quality and is located at the front of the board. You can hold it securely.


The iSUP paddle is perfect for different paddling activities. Also, it can be used by all skill levels and in different water environments. Therefore, you can take a cruise on rivers, lakes, and the ocean. You can use the board for fishing, yoga, surfing, and other paddling activities.

Having an inflatable paddle board that can suit different needs is what every paddler desires, and you can get this through the Goplus 10/11ft iSUP board.

Exquisite details

The board has a non-slip handle, hard-wearing foam, and four ring system attached to the bungee system. This is to provide additional safety for the paddler. Goplus iSUP board has a large weight capacity, meaning that heavier paddlers can enjoy paddling with this board.


The board comes with all the accessories you’ll need to get started. This includes a backpack where you can easily store and transport the bag. The board weighs only 11 kg to show you how comfortable it is. Also, it comes with all the accessories you’ll need to get started. This includes the hand pump, backpack, repair set, deluxe paddle, and fin.


  • Great quality for a reasonable price.
  • Heavy riders can use the board and enjoy water activities
  • You can use it for different water activities, including cruising, fishing, fitness, and exploring.
  • The board is made from durable materials


  • The package does not usually come with a leash, and you might need to buy one


Goplus 10/11ft iSUP board is an amazing board with many features, and it is reasonably priced. You can use this board to enjoy different SUP boarding activities and in different water environments. Also, the board is for all skill levels, which is awesome.

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