AKSPORT iSUP Board with Premium Non-Slip Deck

We always seek ways to get off our busy schedules and forget all the stress involved. Today, there are many ways to enjoy a relaxing time and forget our worries. It includes recreational activities and other entertainment options.

Water sports like surfing, kayaking, etc., are part of the recreational activities that one can do while at the beach. All of these sporting activities cannot take place without the presence of a paddle board (obviously!). Read below to find out what we think about one of them: the AKSPORT iSUP board.

AKSPORT iSUP board - specs

As a beginner or an expert getting the right board is paramount. You would not want a board that you cannot trust to keep you safe. There are many types of inflatable SUP boards on the market, but not every board is the right fit for you in terms of durability and stability.

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Looking for a board to meet your activities? You might want to consider The AKSPORT iSUP board with Premium Non-Slip Deck. There are so many features that you can enjoy from the paddle board, which is why it is among the best you’ll find on the market.

This article will explain why the Aksport inflatable stand-up paddle board is fitted to give you an awesome beach time and user experience.

Features of the AKSPORT iSUP Board

AKSPORT iSUP board - design
  1. The AKSPORT iSUP board is extremely lightweight. It weighs about 10kg. With this type of weight, you can easily transport the board to any destination. It is also made up of drop-stitch material reinforcing its durability and making it leak-free. This drop stitch material makes it extremely safe for use. If this does not greatly enhance safety and user experience, I don’t know what else.
  2. The AKSPORT iSUP board has a non-slip soft top deck to improve balance and stability, especially for first-timers. It also inflates and deflates quickly, and this is to make it a lot easier to store and transport. If you want to go to the lake, river or ocean, you can carry your board with you.
  3. The makers of the AKSPORT iSUP board can boast of professional customer service. They are committed to ensuring that their users are completely satisfied with all their products. That is why they ensure that complaints are promptly attended to. If you have any questions about their products, you can always contact them knowing that you’ll receive answers. Great right?

Complete Package

The AKSPORT inflatable stand-up board comes with complete and premium accessories to improve your experience. The accessories include everything you would need for your surfing experience. You wouldn’t want a situation where you’ll have to start looking for ways to get necessary items after purchasing the board.

The premium accessories include:

  • Adjustable paddle made of alloy. The interesting thing about the paddle is that it is floatable.
  • A travel backpack.
  • Safety leash.
  • Repair kit.
  • Detachable fin.
  • High-end pump and also an electric pump.

It is also interesting to note that The AKSPORT iSUP board can be quickly inflated depending on the type of pumps used. If an electric pump is used, it takes 5-7 minutes to get inflated, while for high-end pumps, it takes 10 minutes. This makes it easy to operate. Also, note that the AKSPORT iSUP board has a weight limit of 300lbs. This board is wonderful for family bonding, making sure you enjoy the water sport together as one big family.

AKSPORT iSUP board - in action


  • The board can be rapidly inflated, and its rigidity is long-lasting
  • Gives improved stability and balance
  • It can be easily transported and stored
  • Extremely safe, especially for first-timers
  • It is leak-free
  • Excellent customer service from the manufacturer


  • We are not sure of the safety of your phone while on water


We have given convincing reasons why this board is the perfect fit for you. As mouth-watering as this article seems, you can’t experience the good stuff till you buy the AKSPORT inflatable stand-up paddle board. The good news is the board is readily available and at an affordable price.

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